It was incorporated in August of 1985. The site was leased to us by the Town of Spirit River. The main museum building was put up in summer of 1989. Administration of the Society began before the building was finished, which consisted of Marion Imes, Elsie Sloan, and Jean Yanishewski. The building was opened with a dedication on May 4th, 1990.

As you enter the building you will be greeted by the museum curators, George and Evelyn or one of their many volunteers. You will see to your left an immense library of history books. To your right, you will see our kitchen where the coffee is always on.

As we go through the double doors to the artifacts gallery, there is a Post  Office- General Store area. This gives you an idea of what our country post offices looked like in the pioneer days.

We also have an awesome arrow and spear collection, donated by Gordon Otto of Woking. These were collected over 85 years. Some date back over 11,000 years.

In the early 20th century a community needed doctors and hospital operating room. Two doctors that were important in Spirit River were Dr. Reavly 1925- 1940, and Dr. F.M. Law 1949-1969. We have a selection of medical tools from both doctors, on display.  

The first building on site was Charlie's Cabin in 1987.

The Broncho Creek School was moved to the site with official opening May of 1991.

The Winchell Cabin was donated by Bonnie Flintoff and Bill Lillico with a ribbon cutting ceremony held opening day of the museum May 1992.

The Flour Mill and building were moved in  the fall of 1991 and the ribbon cutting ceremony was held May 1992.

The Reed House was brought in 1997. 

The Holy Greek Orthodox Church was moved into the museum in 1991.

The St. Andrews Anglican Church It was moved to the museum grounds in 2015.

The Spirit Valley Hall was moved to the museum in March 19th, 2002.

The museum workshop used to be an Anglican Church in Willowdale, & miles south-west of Spirit River. It was moved into Spirit River behind the Anglican. It serviced the community as a library, classroom and  for many other functions. It was then moved to the museum grounds and converted into our workshop. 

The Pole Shed center section was built in 1990 to house a variety of machinery. An addition was added to each end in 1993.  We have a threshing machine, combine, democrats and wagons. We also have an old Spirit River fire truck.